NEW IWF rules just released!!!

iwfThe rule changes to the IWF Weightlifting competition rules below are the following:

  • New women’s 90kg and + 90kg bodyweight classes
  • 75kg and + 75kg women’s bodyweight classes at Youth Competitions
  • Removal of the bodyweight advantage rule
  • 20kg/20kg rule

What do these rules mean?

If two lifters have the same total the lightest lifter does not win anymore. The lifter who took the weight first is the winner. Basically, you HAVE to win by at least 1kg. That is the gist of it.

20kg/20kg rule

This rule only applies to opening lifts. If the total of your opening snatch and your opening clean and jerk is not within 2okg then your total will be disqualified. Are you confused? Say you declare a competition total of 200kg your opening snatch plus your opening clean and jerk total must be no less than 20kg for your total to be valid. If your opening totals is less than 180kg for a 200kg competition total then you will be disqualified. This will be hard to monitor especially at the small local competitions.



Josue Cano

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