How to make Weightlifting look easy

“They make it look easy!”

“Too easy.”


I’m a big believer that Weightlifitng (snatch clean and jerk) should look easy. I have seen many Weightlifters who make the lifts look hard. Trust me you don’t want to struggle with an overhead load. You want to get that down signal from the referee as soon as possible. There should be absolutely no grinding. The lifts should not be like this. Very few high level lifters make lifting look hard. Because of the fast speeds of these lifts they should be executed relatively fast.

You want to make your lifts look easy?

You need better technique. Let that resonate with you. This cannot be underestimated. This principle primarily revolves around new beginning lifters but resonates with all. Greater technique equates to greater efficiency. The less flaws you have in your execution of the lifts allows for greater use of the prime movers that are moving the weights. The greater your technique is the more kilos you’ll be lifting. Period!!!!!!!

Better technique equates to greater stability

What good is strength if you can’t stabilize it? In order to apply strength and finish a lift you need to stabilize the load using motor pattern development that comes from training. The greater your technique is then the greater forces you’ll be able to lift considering you can stabilize the load. Since the snatch and clean and jerk are finished overhead stability is paramount if you want to hold large loads overhead. How many times have you seen a lifter holding a load overhead or even a squat and they are moving all over the place with submaximal loads? It happens a lot. Take a look at the best lifters in the world. They are lifting near World Record max weights and making it look easy. Their ability to hold these loads comes from stability and strength.

Technique + Stability = easy looking lifts

You take great technique with stable movers and you’ll see lifts being finished with ease. The lifts should look smooth. But how is this accomplished?

  1. Coaching: you need an experienced coach who will not let you get away with bad technique. This is why it’s important to hire a coach who will train you and spot your lifts and give you feedback. A good coach is not going to tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear in order to imrpove
  2. Years of training: it’s going to take years of training. Not just any training but perfect training. That might mean deloading and taking lighter lifts with lighter loads in order to have the movement pattern as perfectly executed as possible.
  3. Strength: your general absolute strength will need to improve over time. Your squat strength needs to go up, your pulling strength, your pressing strength needs to improve and also your mental strength in order to overcome those days where you are challenged.

Strive to make your lifts as easy looking as possible. When people tell you that your lifts looked easy take it as a compliment. It’s a great compliment when others recognize the amount of training it has taken you to make lifts look easy. However, we know how hard we train and how much effort we have put into our training to make our lifting look the way it does. Don’t settle for ugly lifts. NO GRINDING in Weightlifting.


Josue Cano


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