My Move to San Francisco

Hello to all my friends.

If you are reading this then by now I am writing to you from San Francisco California. I now reside here. San Francisco and the bay area has always been a place I have always enjoyed especially after living in Santa Cruz for two years while attending UC Santa Cruz. For those that don’t know, 2016 was a year in which work was on and off. I started my 2016 taking time off and traveling and enjoying coaching and training. Mid year I picked up a job in merchant services which I took for two reasons: unemployment gets boring and to make money. It was that simple. I didn’t last very long at the financial company that I had worked for. I was there making phone calls all day in an office and I asked myself how much longer can I do this? Do I really want to continue to do this?

My last job was great because I drove a company vehicle going business to business visiting different accounts so it never got boring. But I knew deep down inside I needed a greater challenge. That’s why  I left. I had to. Last quarter of 2016 I took up a job I had applied for in the medical industry as a sales rep visiting doctors offices asking for referrals. It was a great job until it lasted. I was brought on for 90 days on an introductory period and to be honest, my performance was not good at all. The medical industry is a tough industry with all the cuts taking place there is less money to be made. Frankly speaking, I’m glad I’m no longer in that industry and have no aspirations to do so. However, the people I worked for and visited were really good and wish them well.

Ventura County

I grew up in the city of Oxnard California…forever my home. It’s an agricultural town one hour north of Los Angeles known for it’s strawberries and beautiful coastal beaches. Off the shores are the Channel Islands which are known for it’s abundant wild life and scenic beauty. This is home. Unfortunately, opportunity was running thin for me back home. My time was limited and it’s as if the universe was telling me that I needed to get out of there.

Shores of Oxnard California

San Francisco

My options were running thin at the time for work opportunities but I received a call from a recruiter for a part time position in Los Angeles. She told me with my experience that I have that I would be a lead candidate for a full time position in San Francisco. I immediately expressed interest in applying for the SF position. I did the full round of interviews and told the hiring manager that I would move up there myself for this position. He was impressed and hired me. To be honest, it was my best option and the only good option I had. So I was desperate. I was living off my savings for the past year and was running low. Once I got the word that I was given the position it was time to go.

Leaving the comfort of home

When it came to me I realized that moving would mean not visiting my parents home on a daily basis. I love my parents and family very much and realize that the older I get the more important they are to me. Leaving would also mean not visiting my family dogs who I love very much and enjoy walking on a daily basis. Leaving would also mean not being able to always go out with great childhood friends who I left behind.

Channel Islands National Park
The Channel Islands off the shores of Ventura County


But moving means opportunity. I have an opportunity to save money and invest for the future. I have an opportunity to create this side business against all odds. It’s not going to be easy but now I finally have a chance to succeed. Now exists opportunities to meet new people and create new experiences. These reasons is why I have decided to move to San Francisco and create opportunities.

“Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone”


Josue Cano




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