Why Barbell Brigade SUCKS as a training gym


I want to preface this article by first stating a couple of things. I’m not talking about the Powerlifting side of the gym and only speaking from a purely Weightlifting side. Also, I want to say that as a business Barbell Brigade is doing what appears to be very well as the gym is spreading it’s brand awareness.

Olympic Weightlifting at Barbell Brigade

I have trained at BB twice and I have to say they have very nice Weightlifting equipment. Eleiko barbells and nice brand name bumper plates. The platforms are also very nice but very slippery. You don’t want to hold an overhead load holding 300 to 400 plus pounds overhead with a slippery surface. Not very stable.

Apart from that, what else do they offer for Weightlifting at BB? Not much. Very good Weightlifting gyms offer the following:

  • Good coaching from coaches with credentials and accomplishments
  • A highly competitive environment
  • Support from other lifters
  • An environment free of distractions when someone is going for a big lift

None of which BB offers. It’s just weights, bumpers and platforms.

Tourist Attraction

From my perspective BB has lost it’s edge as a hardcore gym for lifters. It has now turned into a tourist trap and tourist destination. Far too many come into the gym with camera’s and camcorders doing their stupid filming for their social media outlet’s taking away focus and concentration from those who are trying to push the edge of their strength. With all the filming going on it can be very distracting for those who need to focus. It’s one reason of multiple reasons why I don’t support BB for Weightlifting. Unless things change I won’t be going down there for lifting.

Taking your picture with that stupid BB logo

And that’s why I call this place a tourist destination for lifters. They come and take their picture with the BB logo on the wall just like thousands of others have. Do you really think that by taking your picture on that damn wall that you’re going to get noticed? You think you’re going to get strong? I understand the appeal to support the activities that you love in this case BB who support Weightlifting and Powerlifting. I’ve also have heard about the recent changes at BB that have chased members away from there and seek other training gyms because BB has lost of what it once was.

Thoughts about making Barbell Brigade better

BB is a great gym. It has everything you need to be successful as a Weightlifter or Powerlifter. It really does. Here are some changes that can take place to make it the edgy strong gym that it once was:

  1. Get credentialed USAW coaches with experience to offer coaching
  2. Create an official USAW lifting club
  3. Travel and compete together as a team to local and national Weightlifting meets
  4. Offer a youth program to attract local young lifting talent and offer a discount for youth lifters.

These are my thoughts. Leave comments.


Josue Cano


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