AO Series…relax. It’s not the Open.


The American Open Series one has come of age for us. It’s not the American Open but a series of Open events that lead up to the final American Open championship. The first event will take place in Reno Nevada March 17, 18 and 19. Leaving out politics aside one has to wonder what is the real value of participating in the AO series.

The Positive

On the positive side lifters get to lift on a national level platform and get the feeling that they are at the highest level in this country. The Rogue sponsored event will feature Rogue bars and bumpers on a competition style platform. Another positive is that lifters who normally wouldn’t be able to qualify for a much bigger event such as nationals get an opportunity to get a feeling of what it’s like to lift at prestigious event. The experienced gained will benefit greatly in the future but then again all competitions and training should award the lifter with greater preparation.

The Not So Positive

The low entry totals has allowed less stronger lifters (like myself) to enter into the competition and share the stage. Upon looking at the start list the higher caliber lifters have opted to not participate at the first open series as they either feel they don’t need to lift at this event because to be honest it’s probably not worth it for them considering the costs of competing and personally I don’t blame them. They would rather focus on the Open Final which is fine with me since they have already qualified for the last event.


If you’re a competitor don’t get too carried away!!! We all like to feel special and thanks to social media we all have the ability to tell an overly dramatic story of how we overcame tremendous odds just to show up and have a mediocre performance. Let’s please stay grounded in our performances and go out there and put on a good performance. After all, we have been training for months and we’re not going to show up with going 2 for 6 or God forbid a bomb out!!! YIKES!!!!


I remain optimistic about the American Open Series. It allows more exposure for American Weightlifting in this country. There will be those will say that it lowers the quality of lifting in the USA and perhaps so. I don’t discredit their argument. With that said, if we can give a chance to lesser profile lifters some exposure perhaps they can in turn inspire others to follow their lead and get more people into the sport. Let’s see how it goes!



Josue Cano



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