Why I didn’t compete at the American Open Series Rd. 1

safe_imageI’ll keep it brief: I simply didn’t want to compete and withdrawing was the best decision for me at the time.


Training was going good for this event except for my snatches. The week before the AO Series I was infected with a respiratory infection that drained my energy. Days before the competition I had no strength to put off decent numbers. After all, I was competing in the 85kg A group so I wanted to put on a total that reflected me being in that A group. I’m not interested in competing and risking a bomb out or going 2 for 6. That’s not what I trained for. I have high standards for myself and only wish to compete to put on a great performance.


I don’t feel good about withdrawing at all. However, it was best for me. I do feel as if I let down my team of Hassle Free Barbell, the coaches Kevin, Ben and Steve. I apologize to my other fellow barbell club members for this. Moving forward, I will train with great intensity toward the next event and not withdraw from future events.


Josue Cano

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