Going 2 for 6…are you kidding me???

With so many misses at competitions the score board can look like a bloodbath. When there are so many misses it lowers the quality of the competition and takes longer as well. Missing lifts increases your chances to bombing out and lowers your confidence to perform. Excuses such as, “Meet didn’t go as planned…” is bullshit!  No one ever wants to hear that.

Purpose of Training

Training is suppose to create new stimuli in order to create new adaptations that support greater strength to lift more kilos for a future performance. In addition, training is aimed at improving technique. Therefore, when we train we train for several months and in training we want to be selective and deliberate about our lifting attempts.


Competition day the weights should always feel lighter if you’re doing it correct. You allow for several days rest in order to restore as much energy and strength for the platform. If you’re warm ups go accordingly then you and your coach will deliberately select weights that you can make.


You gotta be kidding me!!! Are you training to miss lifts or are you training to make lifts?

SERIOUSLY!!!!!! This is especially true for experienced lifters who have been lifting for years!!!

The problem with missing lifts

When you miss lifts especially openers you end up creating more doubt. You risk bombing out. Basically, you increase your stress!!!! And it lowers your performance.

The benefit of making lifts

When you make lifts your confidence grows. When confidence grows your abilities to perform and challenge for greater weights increases. If you can go 6 for 6 now we’re talking!!!!

Concluding thoughts

This isn’t an insult to anyone. But it’s a wake up call to increase your performance. When everyone’s performance increases then the competition becomes better. When lifters are making lifts the overall quality of the meet is elevated. If you are missing lifts, lower your opening lifts and attempts so you can confidently make lifts and your confidence grows. That will require you to shut up your ego. And please, spare us the drama and for goodness sake DO NOT tell us, “Meet didn’t go as planned…” That’s bullshit!!!!


Josue Cano

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