Fearless? That’s BULLS$%T!!!! The anti dote of fear is….

“You gotta be fearless bro!” 

“F$%K FEAR!!!” 

“You gotta kick FEAR in the ass!!!”

Popular slogans like aimed at trying to eliminate fear. The reality is that we all feel fear. Fear is a protective mechanism aimed at helping us survive. It helps trigger flight or fight situations where survival is key. When it comes to Weightlifting we may feel fear when we are attempting weights that are near max and the chances of success are very slim. However, that’s where your experience, technique, and intelligence are used in order to increase the chances of success. I don’t care what anyone says we always feel fear or anxiety when we are competing and everyone is watching.

Fear as an ally

Fear is not the problem. Fear is your friend if you channel it wisely. Those sensations of fear such as faster heart rate, increased adrenal flow, increased blood flow, you can channel these physical responses to power your lifts to success. You waste these opportunities when you don’t follow through or when you back out.

Fearless is not the answer. The answer is…


Courage does not mean the absence of fear. It means acting in the presence of fear.

That’s what courage means. We all feel fear. However, we can be so focused, so confident in our resolve, so tuned into our activity that we don’t waste energy by creating doubt or thinking about failure. Acting with courage means taking a leap of faith and confident in our abilities to succeed. That’s why training is so important because we train everyday for these situations so when competition day arrives we are more than prepared but we are confident in our resolve.

Fear is your friend.

Courage is the answer.


Josue Cano

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