Wanna make people upset? Show them how happy and joyful you are.

Remember when you were a kid and all you knew was to be happy and have fun? Then you became an adult and lost that kid spirit? What happened? Where did we go wrong?

Yup. You can be joyful and happy but that will only piss other people off. The sad truth is that your joyful spirit only unmasks the deep insecurities other people harbor. When you’re joyful and show it you send out positive energy that makes you feel good. Truth is that it feels SO GOOD when you’re happy. However, there are many people who are not friendly and not open to your joyful spirit.

Your happiness unmasks the insecurities in others. Why? Because others wish they could be as happy and joyful as you. Because our insecurities cause us to wish what we lack what others have. It takes tremendous confidence to stand out and enjoy your life. It takes confidence to experience joy and show it. And it makes people insecure.

smile 2

You will feel it when other people will try to take your spirit by trying to shut you down, trying to make fun of you. But it takes tremendous confidence to stand with your joyful energy. Thankfully, you will attract others who like your energy and are receptive to your gifts. Those are the people you want to give your loving spirit to.

smile 3

Don’t waste time trying to please others. I personally, enjoy many aspects of my life. I love Weightifting. Lifting brings joy to my life. I love to dance and love to show it. I love people and especially girls and want people to know where I stand. I enjoy other aspects of my life outside of lifting and I make it known that I do. I stand confident what brings happiness to my life and hopefully others will take my gifts for their benefit. Thanks for reading and please share your gifts to the world.


Josue Cano


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