Does your training environment suck?

Maybe it isn’t your training environment. Maybe it’s YOU!!!!

You think that it’s the music or it’s the people who aren’t bringing energy to the gym. But I have to ask:

  • What are YOU bringing?
  • What are you giving?
  • What are you doing at the gym?
  • Who are you helping?

It all starts with YOU

Cut off all the bullshit that doesn’t matter. You have drama in your life? Go take that shit somewhere else. Training can give you the opportunity to get your mind off the drama and focus on your training. Stop socializing so much. There are other people there who are taking their training more serious than you so give them the space to become better.

FOCUS…really focus

It’s all about YOU. The only thing you really can control is what is in between your eyes. That is your brain. Focus on training. Focus on making your lifts better. Cut off all the bullshit. Seriously!!!!

Trust me, people will take notice and will see that your total focus to your training will inspire them. Those that don’t care will slowly drift away from you but you don’t want that shit anyway. But you will attract those people who will want to be on your level. And that’s what matters most.

  • Stop talking in between sets
  • Go help others
  • Focus and use imagination in between sets
  • Cut off the drama and don’t socialize
  • If you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it. Trust me, I do it all the time

Become someone who makes a difference. Become someone that other people will look up to. Become someone others want to be surrounded by your presence. Become better than you were before.



Josue Cano

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