You don’t get what you want…

You don’t even get what you deserve. What do you get?

You get what you expect!

  • What are your expectations?
  • Are your expectations big enough?
  • Are your expectations too low?
  • Are you getting favorable results in your life?
Girl at 22 and 1 year after at 23 after meth. You get what you expect

Believe it or not what you harbor in your mind will become manifest. Your thoughts eventually become things. The results you are receiving in your life are a direct result of the expectations you have placed for yourself.

Expectations extend beyond the platform. If you think about how much you have progressed in your strength journey you can do the same in your life. Yes, we train for physical strength and to become better individuals. But the lessons learned on the platform extend far beyond the confined doors of the gym.

What are your expectations?

Koklyaev before and after = Expectations


Josue Cano


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