How dangerous are steroids?

From my experience this is a topic that very few want to openly talk about in the Weightlifting world due to it’s illegal use in sports. Being in the Weightlifting world for a while you come across information that you wonder whether it’s true or not.

My goal here is to have a NORMAL and mature conversation about steroids. If you are using or plan to use steroids just consider the risks that you are taking but at the same time what you can do to mitigate those risks.


Are they dangerous?

In short YES….and NO. Abusing steroids can lead to health risks. But, taken in small quantities cycled over periods of time reduce the risks associated with steroid use. In essence, they can be dangerous but at the same time can be used responsibly to minimize risk.

It’s similar to alcohol. Personally, I HATE, I HATE, I CAN’T stand alcohol and do not tolerate it. I have a very biased view about alcohol. Personally, I would love to take every drop of this vial shit and blast it into outer space never to be seen again. However, I do recognize and acknowledge that alcohol can be taken responsibly.

Top 10 related deaths

According the World Health Organization steroids is not even in the top 10 leading causes of death. For full article Click Here.

Diseases associated with obesity are far worse than steroids. Smoking and alcohol are far worse killers than steroids. I’m not trying to say that steroids aren’t dangerous but what I am saying is that there are other killers that are much worse given the statistics.

Media and government scare

Let me ask you a direct question: do you trust what the news and government are telling you?

I feel very confident in saying that the media and government have scared the living daylights out of us to fear steroids. Fears that are based out of proportion. Athletes who have tested positive for illegal substances (not just steroids) have been scandalized as criminals. It’s basically saying that if we catch you cheating then you will be ridiculed and shamed. No wonder people are scared to talk about these things openly! And to make matters worse steroids are controlled substances and you can face criminal charges if you possess them illegally.

Steroids are VERY DANGEROUS!!!!

Media and government propaganda has caused us to fear steroids and for those that are misinformed makes them VERY DANGEROUS!!! When you are criminalized for using them people fear them. No one is afraid of alcohol even though alcohol cause thousands of deaths each year not to mention the addiction that thousands suffer from it. It’s due to it’s legal status. PERIOD!!!! Steroids because of their illegal status and being a controlled substance makes them DANGEROUS in the perceptions of the general public.

Closing thoughts

It’s my conclusion that steroids pose little threat to the user considering that there are other things that are much worse. If you have questions about them I believe it would be very wise to have conversations with those people who have experience using them or who have researched them. It’s pointless to have educated conversations with those people who have formed their conclusions about steroids from propaganda or who have no experience using them. We will have another educated and normal conversation about these substances in another post.


Josue Cano




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