Is your Coaching being heard?

Ever wonder why your athletes aren’t listening to your advise? Have you ever been coached and you felt overwhelmed because far too much was being said? Have you ever had two people trying to coach you on something you did and were given two different pieces of advise but not sure who to listen to? If you’re coaching and you want your message to have impact follow the following:


We can only process so much information. More than what we can process is just blah blah blah. Being able to communicate your message in the least amount of words and time will make it much more meaningful and have more impact.


If you can’t explain it in simple terms you don’t really understand it

Think about that. We’re lifting weights here and yes lifting weights requires physics, biochemistry, anatomy and much more. However!!!! Your athlete doesn’t need to know the angular forces acting on the hip joint during the acceleration phase of the jerk just because they aren’t locking out their elbows. For this reason, some of the best coaches are those who can communicate effectively but minimally. Keep in mind that your athletes are there to get better in their sport. They’re not there to be coaches or sport scientists.

Get your point across in 30 seconds or less

I challenge you to get your message across in the 30 seconds or less. Why? The attention span of people is getting smaller and smaller. That’s why I’m keeping this blog post as small as possible. Check out the following book:

30 secs or less


Josue Cano



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