“The purpose of life” – what does that mean?”

What is the purpose of living anyway?

I’m not really sure and not sure how to answer this question. No doubt it’s a popular question and as long as I’ve lived I have never, EVER, heard a clear cut answer that fits my life. But I will say this:

What we have at any given moment, at any given time, IS the present moment!

This might not be a surprise to you and that’s exactly the problem. You are seriously fading away from the present moment. Understand that the past is gone, the future does not exist. Yet we waste countless time preparing for the future, living for tomorrow, living on past regrets.

Yet the one true gift we have RIGHT NOW is the moment. Right now. This very second . If you are still reading this and you still are underwhelmed then I’m sorry to say but you are seriously lost.

I remember one of the greatest experiences of my life was my first time using MDMA (Molly). All I could think about was this great feeling I was experiencing at the moment. It lifted away this guarded ego and allowed me to authentically engage people with confidence and all fear disappeared. It was probably the most beautiful experience of my life. I knew that everything is OK and that I was going to be just fine and that was very comforting. I’ll never forget that as long as I live.

All we have right now is this moment. Don’t waste it away.

The meaning of life exists in this moment. The moment is life.

Josue Cano



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