People are more attracted to negativity!

creating storms

Unfortunately, what you do in life no matter how much of a positive impact you may have there will be a few who won’t be to positive on what you say or do. It stems from the way you project yourself to the world and how it’s interpreted. You may feel that you could be falsely misunderstood. How you respond to the negativity or not determines your position. How do you respond to negativity?

The Best Response is NO Response

When you respond to your critics you are doing several things. You are giving away your power. You are breathing life to those critics. And you are paying rent in your mind to those critics. I’m sure the amount of positive feedback you get from making a positive impact far outweigh the negative ones. However, when you magnify on the negative feedback you are actively justifying those comments.


Negativity is attractive to people

If you want an immediate response from someone say something negative about them. Unfortunately, this is the case because people are moved by negativity more so than positivity. Why? One word:


We have very fragile egos. There’s very little reason otherwise. Weightlifters are some of the the most negative circle of people I have ever met. You can do a meet and go 5 for 6 at which is a great result and put more focus on that missed lift than on the good lifts.

Just not caring

In order to brush off negativity from your life just simply not care. The problem is that you have to have truly thick skin and not have your ego get in the way. Once your ego gets hurt forget it you’re done. There is a saying that says:

He who cares less has the most power

Think about it. When someone goes out of their way to deliver negativity they are caring more at that moment than you. If you don’t waste energy on what they have to say you have the most power. Keep in mind that the best response is NO response. 


Be thankful for those who give you positive praise for your accomplishments. Personally, it’s not that I don’t care about what people say about me it’s just I don’t have time or energy for those who don’t want what I have to offer. I focus on the positive things I do. For example, when I train I focus on my strengths and improve on the weaknesses. If I miss a lift, I focus on what I did well and improve on what I was missing.

I’m sure that people would never say negative things to you in person since they hide behind a computer and say such harsh things. I hope that moving forward we can learn from these experiences and take a more powerful position in the future.

Stronger is Better

Josue Cano

2 thoughts on “People are more attracted to negativity!

  1. Yes! Responding to critics is the worst thing. I always tell people three things: 1. Stay in your lane and focus on YOUR end result. 2. Focus on what you can control. 3. Stay present. Everyone worries about the past (failure) and future (success). Just focus on the damn step in front of you. Thanks for sharing!


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