Super Sports Performance Supplement

What if you could take a supplement that lowers acidity and muscle fatigue during athletic performance? What if I said that this supplement is ridiculously affordable?

That supplement is Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda!

BOOM!!!!! Your mind just got blown!


Build Up of Acids

During physical exertion the by product of muscle metabolism is increased acids. This acidity causes performance to slow down and creates a burning sensation in your muscles. Supplementing with Baking Soda neutralizes the acids in the body lowering acidity and minimizing fatigue.

Baking Soda Increases Sports Performance

Supplementing with baking soda has been shown to increase sports performance. As much as 2.2 seconds can be shaven off from running times as documented in this article from the ACSM (Click Here). This is a significant advantage!!!!

Unfair Advantage?

The ACSM has been a supporter of banning baking soda because of the significant advantage that the research supports. From the point of view of many, if a substance is banned from competitive use it’s because it actually works!

The side effects of baking soda are two:

  1. It tastes aweful!!!!
  2. Can give you diarrhea!

What does baking soda taste like? Imagine tasting rotten fish water. Yup. That’s what baking soda tastes like when you mix it with water. Also, when you cross a threshold of baking soda consumption it can give you diarrhea like symptoms. Basically, you will be going to the bathroom to take a dump! At the very least you won’t be constipated and that’s a great thing!

Final Thoughts

Supplementing with baking soda for sports performance works and it’s extremely cheap. Save your hard earned dollars and don’t buy those useless supplements from the nutrition shop because they don’t work. They are over inflated over priced powders. Baking soda works. Use what works. Start using it for training.

Because Stronger is Better!

Josue Cano


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