Your 2 most important lifts in a meet

You are training for your next Weightlifting meet and you are getting prepared. You are getting excited or maybe like many lifters you are getting very nervous. Even after competing for 10 years I still get nervous before competitions. That just never goes away but when the experience takes over you are able to channel fear into a useful agent. Enough of me but what I do want to share with you are the 2 most important lifts at your next Weightlifting meet.


#1 most important lift

Your opening snatch attempt is your most important lift in a meet. Why? Because you need make at least one lift in the snatch to score. If you don’t make any snatches you bomb out.

#2 most important lift

Your opening clean and jerk attempt. Why? Because when you combine your highest snatch plus your highest clean and jerk you have a TOTAL!!!!!

Your openers combined should give you a minimum total. Once you have a total you have a score and can move up from there. Both your opening snatch and your opening clean and jerk are lifts that you should be able to make everyday. Once you make your openers and they are out of the way you can start to have fun and challenge for places on the podium.

If you don’t make your openers

If you miss your openers your stress goes up, doubt starts to creep into your mind and you just increase the chances of missing again or worse bombing out. You need to make lifts in Weightlifting in order to total…PERIOD!!!!

Building confidence

What I suggest is to start your openers low so that after making them your confidence builds from one lift to another. You make your opener, then you make your second attempt and by that time your confidence is very high. Chances are you will make your third attempt. You don’t want to be missing lifts stressing out on your third attempt in the snatch wondering whether you’re going to make the lift or not.

Final thoughts

Weightlifting competitions are not hard. They are easier than training. Training take hours to do. At meets you only have to warm up and you only have 6 attempts. Make it easy on yourself by making your openers so that you can total. Once you total you’re on the scoreboard and can build confidence from there. When you are feeling confident that’s when the meet starts to get fun!!! I hope you make your openers on your next meet.


Josue Cano

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