How confident do you think you are?

Maybe a little? Not much? Or you think you are very confident? It really doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. It matters how you think how confident you are based upon several factors:

  1. Experience
  2. How much training you have
  3. Mindset


Confidence is built upon a foundation of experience and training. You might think that’s obvious or might say of course it is but then how does that explain the growing psychological problems and low self-esteem that is in our culture?

Experience has given you the gift of failure because you have gone through trials and errors. Since you have felt what failure is like you understand and have a greater appreciation for success. Experiencing failure is not comfortable at all for no one. But this is the gift that experience rewards you.


Training prepares you for real life scenarios. Why do you think us Weightlifters or athletes train for hours, days, or weeks? It’s to prepare us for the next competition. It’s to create the greatest potential for success. Training gives you the opportunity to train and develop your skills. Take your training seriously.



In the movie Batman begins there is a scene when Bruce Wayne is engaging in a sword fight with his mentor and trainer Henri Ducard. At this scene Bruce’s anger towards the killer of parents outweighs his guilt towards not being able to help prevent his parents death. Ducard turns away for a brief second and remarks,

“Your parents death was not your fault….it was your fathers.”

At this time Bruce falls and stands up in anger of Ducard’s remark. How dare he say that it was his fathers fault for his parents death!!! But then the following:

Ducard: “Anger does not change the fact that your father failed to act.”

Bruce: “The man had a gun.”

Ducard: “Would that stop you?”

Bruce: “I had training.”

After this remark Ducard gets furious and lashes out at Bruce Wayne and sends his down to the ground and says:


It sounds like harsh words to say but it’s hard to argue Ducard’s wisdom. Will is a desire to act. It comes from a mindset. For example, you have two equally trained athletes with identical physiques. We’ll even say they have equal genetics. One athlete has a weak mindset and the other has a much more powerful and confident mindset. Who will win?

The answer is obvious. Mindset is everything.

Building your confidence is a personal job. It’s something you must do daily in order to be as confident as you think you are and as you want to be. As the great all time book by James Allen so properly titled As a Man Thinketh. One of the greatest books ever written.

As a man thinketh so is he.

You are what you think. You think you’re confident you are confident. If you think you’re not…you’re not. Both are true.



Josue Cano


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