How you get to the Next Level in your training

You get to the gym. You’re ready. You want to lift some weights. You want to lift heavy.


At least that is what you are thinking. Does that happen? Will it happen? All that will depend upon what you do during training. If you are like a lot of people training can be a very enjoyable place because of the people you train with. However, there are few who when they come to train they come with purpose and with greater intent than you. Those are the ones who are making the gains and they are the ones who are taking their training to much higher levels. They are the ones who are the strongest but are able to channel their energy to training.

But how?

Here’s how. Below are the characteristics of the best lifters who are achieving the best results in training and making the highest gains.

  1. Focused, deliberate concentration
  2. Clear defined outcomes
  3. Minimal time wasted on others

Focused, deliberate concentration

Weightlifting as in other sports requires concentration. That is obvious. What’s not so obvious is the deliberate practice of it. Just go to your next training session and observe who is deliberately concentrating. Who is deliberately focusing the faculties of their mind?

Clear, defined outcomes

Those that achieve the highest levels of strength are the ones who have defined goals. Why do you think athletes have coaches? Because coaches (good ones) will hold you accountable and will challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Coaches will help you create defined outcomes. Good coaches will keep you focused in the zone.

Minimal time wasted

The best lifters are focused. They have clear defined goals. They also don’t waste time. It’s very easy to waste time engaging in activities that take away training energy such as trivial conversations or mindlessly looking at your phone screen. Wise lifters between sets are resting thinking with their mind about the next lift. They aren’t wasting energy away engaging in useless activities. You have a finite amount of training energy. Use it wisely.

You can definitely cross into the next level of training but you must direct your training energy and focus into your performance. If you direct it elsewhere it will be harder to achieve your highest lifting potential. It all depends on you.


Josue Cano


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