Too much comfort = NO GROWTH

I’ve been on a routine of waking up first thing in the morning around 5:30am or 6:00am and right out of bed put on my training shoes and do some cardio. No breakfast, no coffee straight to cardio.

It’s uncomfortable, it’s not fun, it WORKS!!!

I’m addicted to the outcome. I’m addicted to the energy I get afterwards. Some of you reading this are saying I could never do that. Perhaps, those are your initial thoughts but I’m telling you the energy you feel afterwards is amazing!!! It’s better than coffee or energy drinks.

Since I could remember I always woke up early. In college at the University of California Santa Cruz when I decided to lose weight and get in shape I established a routine of waking up at 6am and doing morning cardio. I purposely slept with shorts on so that I wouldn’t have to change in the morning. My running shoes were under my bed so that when I wake up BOOM!!!! NO EXCUSES!!!! Cardio first thing in the morning.

Comfort = no growth

That’s the point. Waking up first thing in the morning doing cardio is not comfortable. It’s not enjoyable. You’re lying in bed wanting to stay there. By getting cardio first thing in the morning I’m setting up myself to be productive. I’m setting myself up to have energy to take on the day. I’m getting out of my comfort zone.

Get yourself into uncomfortable situations and experience growth. A growth mindset is a way of thinking that cultivates opportunities. And trust me, there is no shortage of opportunities.


Josue Cano


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