Why Strength Matters

Strength matters for several reasons but I want to share with you two types of strength to improve your strength. Those strengths are physical and mental strength.

Physical Strength

Physical strength matters because it prevents sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the condition where muscle wasting occurs. If you ever seen seniors in convalescent homes or retirement centers they are very fragile, are co-dependent, and can’t perform basic functions that we would take for granted such as tying their shoes, standing up, or getting up our of bed. When you are lacking muscle you are also lacking ability to perform. Muscle helps your body perform daily functions. That’s why I recommend strength training to develop muscle on your body so that you can prevent these type of conditions that make life less liveable.

Mental Strength

Mental strength is essential because mental strength will give you the ability to be able to cope and overcome your life’s biggest challenges. Say you’re confronted with an overwhelming problem. You get stressed and wonder how you are going to over come this hurdle. Mental strength will get you through. With mental strength you will find yourself being able to cope.

I ran the 2005 L.A. Marathon around mile 18 I hit the so called ‘Wall’. The ‘Wall’ is that part of the race where the pain of running is so great that recovery becomes harder. Therefore, your race becomes extremely hard. From that point on the pain becomes so excruciating I contemplated quitting. My mind was playing tricks on me. Thoughts of quitting would end the pain.

However, what changed for me took place around mile 22 when an image came to me as a grandfather talking to my grand kids telling them I would’ve, should’ve, and could’ve finished the L.A. Marathon. The thought of living the rest of my life in regret was more painful than finishing the damn race. The pain only got worse every step I took. But the pain of regret was much greater. And I finished the race.

Finishing the L.A. Marathon was one the best experiences of my life and one of my greatest achievements. But I paid the price. It was by far the hardest mental challenge I’ve had to overcome. The mental strength developed from that race gives me confidence that I can overcome my life’s challenges. Everything else in life is much easier after accomplishing this race. But I had to put myself in this challenging situation that I knew was going to be difficult in order for me to develop mental strength.

LA marathon medal
My L.A. Marathon medal for finishing the race

You must be in challenging situations in order to develop mental strength. Strength grows through struggle. That’s how it works. Get yourself under barbells to develop physical strength. Get strong now!


Josue Cano


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