You don’t deserve SHIT!!!

That’s right! You don’t deserve shit! And that’s the problem with people today who have this entitled attitude that they deserve whatever they think they deserve. And it’s all influenced by several factors such as money, status, seniority whatever.

“I have this much money so I deserve this!”

“I’ve been here longer than you so I deserve this.”

ATTENTION: life is not fair, never will be, and never was fair!!!!

The moment you start believing that you deserve something is the day you stop earning for what it is you are seeking. And that is the point of this article. I don’t need to go on any further trying to draw out a long winded explanation.

You don’t deserve anything, you must earn it!!!

You think you deserve a day off? You can get a day off when you’re retired.

You think you deserve respect? You don’t deserve respect you earn it.

You think you deserve to cheat on your diet? Go ahead and cheat you WILL pay the price.

You think you deserve anything? You better re-think that.


Josue Cano


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