No Discomfort = No Growth

Have you ever wondered how do palm trees survive hurricane winds?


Hurricane winds can approach speeds of over 100, 120, 140 mph and in the case of hurricane Allen in 1980 wind speeds were recorded at 190mph!!!!! I’m from California so we don’t have nearly those kinds of wind speeds. But for those that live in Florida and the Caribbean hurricane winds seem the normal.

For palm trees they seem to be the lone survivors after such tremendously devastating wind speeds. What makes palm trees so strong? Why do palm trees seem to hold up still standing after hurricanes?

Palm Tree Cross Section

Palm trees don’t form rings such as traditional trees do. They form spongy malleable tissue cells that flex and form. This cell structure is what makes palm trees so well adapted to the Caribbean where hurricane wind speeds cripple and destroy anything in it’s path. This malleable cell structure makes the palm tree flex and bend making it resilient to hurricane wind speeds.

Palm tree cross section vs traditional tree cross section. Notice the ring formation of the tree versus the spongy tissue of the palm tree. 

The palm tree is well adapted to tolerate the harsh conditions of hurricanes. While everything else is being consumed by the hurricane the palm tree still stands reminding us of how important it is to remain strong, confident, but also how important it is to stand up in the face of challenges.

Hurricane winds remind us of discomfort that may cross our path. It’s important to accept and embrace any challenges so that we may develop skills that will help us overcome any odds.


The cells in the palm tree make it malleable and flexible. We too have to flex and bend when life comes at us in ways we did not expect. Modern culture makes life easy for us as you don’t have to leave your house to do anything. You can order your food and it will come to your door. You can work from home. You can play games with your other friends and never leave your doorstep. Why approach a girl you’re attracted to as you can just swipe. No need to bother someone and call them just text!!!

As technology gets more advanced it seems as if it’s making our lives easier to live. And that is not good. Where there is no discomfort, there is no growth.

No Discomfort = No Growth

I didn’t make up the rules. I’m just relaying the message. You’re life will unfold in front of your eyes and whether you like it or not you will come face to face with discomfort one way or another. If you seek growth, if you seek personal development, if you seek to improve yourself then it’s important to take on all challenges that come in your way.


Josue Cano

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