Are you mentally strong? Mental Strength for Weightlifting

Weightlifting is very, very mental. Despite that, we don’t place enough value in the mental aspect of training. Yes our coaches tell us coaching cues such as keep the bar close, finish the pull yada yada yada. I’m not saying that’s not important but if you ask any high level professional Weightlifter they will tell you that to be strong in Weightlifting requires more than technique.

What they’re talking about is mindset. Mental Strength. From my aspect mental strength is never, ever talked about enough or shared or coached enough. Never!!! Yet, it’s perhaps the most important variable in Weightlifting. Let’s just see how important mental strength is with the following example.

Let’s say you’re about to squat about 95% of your max. You know it’s going to be heavy. You know what’s coming. You un-rack the bar and you feel the pressing weight on your back. You know it’s heavy. Before you begin your descent repeat to yourself the following:

“I’m going to fail. I’m going to fail. I’m going to fail.”

What are the chances you will stand up with the weight? None. Zero. You won’t.

It surprises me how so many people in Weightlifting I have met over the years with such weak mindsets. They actually think in terms like this. You know you’re dealing with a weak minded person when they use self deprecating humor, they complain, they whine, they make excuses. Sometimes, they will use pain and turn it into injuries and use that as an excuse to not perform. I will tell you right now, in Weightlifting you will almost always train with pain. The degree of pain will be relevant. Some pain is greater than others. Some less.

Pain is manageable. A weak mind is hard to change once it’s accepted as truth. My training club is filled with a cluster fuck of distractions. The music is terrible, there’s people continually walking and talking over your sets, people want to talk to you. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. I’m not saying that people at my club are deliberately trying to sabotage anyone. Just want to bring awareness to the amount of distractions. For me, training is a constant exercise in using my mind to zero all the distraction around me. When I’m setting up for a big lift I don’t ask anything from anyone. I know what I need to do. Thankfully, for the most part people grant your space and silence for you to execute your lift.

Sometimes they don’t. However, your mental strength needs to be so deliberate that no amount of noise or movement of people is going to dissuade you from carrying out what you intended to do. If you require silence, if you require people to stop moving, if you require better music then what does that say about your mental abilities? Don’t you think that questions your lack of mental capacity? Why do I say this? Because when we’re off the platform in real life the conditions aren’t going to be perfect when we need to execute against challenges that come at you. Depending on your mental strength you’re either going to execute and know you’re going to overcome or you’re going to have a hard time.

People are so mentally weak they get scared of ghosts. Keep in mind ghosts aren’t material beings that have matter. You’ll never hear on the 5 o’clock news the following:

“Today a ghost killed 5 people. If you see this ghost please notify the FBI.”

It sounds ridiculous because it is. Because we have allowed the fake media to influence your mind and be scared of something so harmless as a ghost. I don’t believe in ghosts, they can’t harm you, they can’t kill you. That is truth.

If you want to see mental strength watch Mart Seim clean and jerk a personal best while the Iranian fans give him no silence. That is mental strength.











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