Animal lover but still eat meat = hypocrite

I’ve been observing a Vegan diet for over 15 years now. At the same time I’ve been Weightlifting. Let me tell you, being surrounded in a sport where meat consumption is continually thrown in your face it can be challenging to stay committed to a vegan diet. There are those who are supportive and then there are people who just don’t care. Regardless, my conviction remains despite the adversity.

Why Vegan diet?

The number one reason why I observe a vegan diet is simple: I choose to not support cruelty and death. The meat and dairy industry destroy billions of lives each and every year. I am an animal lover and I love animals so much that I don’t want to contribute to more suffering and death.

Protein and Vegan diet

I have never had an issue with getting enough protein. How much protein am I getting? I don’t know, I don’t care, it’s really not that important. Honestly, I have other more important things to worry about then the amount of protein I’m getting. People are so selfish, so concerned with their own worlds, so self-indulged in their consumption of food that they are blinded by the greater impact of what harm they are doing to the world.

Strength gains

I’ve been able over the years to put up some respective numbers for myself. Strong has never been an issue in the lack of animal protein. Why? Because strength primarily is gained through training not through food. You can eat all the food all the protein in the world and not lift one kilo and not make strength gains. You can train like a beast for strength make tremendous strength gains through training alone with the lack of animal protein. This is hard to argue and should be very obvious.

Criticism and handling negativity

I know that secretly in the hearts of those who read this or who know of my practice of eating a vegan diet think that I am a pussy, that I’m weak, stupid, weird, and just want me to shut up. Or they might secretly want me to shut up. Deciding to not eat animals in the presence of those who continually eat them is an act of defiance. It’s a radical stance. I don’t have any shame in defending my stance. Weightlifting has been an amazing process for me. Weightlifting in America is encompassed by some of the most insecure, selfish, unsupportive people I have ever met. It’s a small community and that’s the problem. I have only a few friends in Weightlifting. I’m thankful for their support. I’m thankful for those who support the causes that are important not just in Weightlifting but for the greater good of the world.


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