Less Drama More Substance

I scroll my instagram feed for Weightlifting videos. I love the training videos. I look at technique execution, I look at speed, I look at positions, I look at girls and see how attractive they look lifting (I’m a man, I don’t apologize for having a sex drive). There’s always something to observe while in the process of maximizing my training. When I know I’m later that day I really want to save as much strength as possible. I watch lifting videos for energy and inspiration.

However, there is far too much drama going on these lifting videos. More than I care. More than anyone cares. Lifting posts about feelings, about situations outside the gym that influenced my performance. Shut the fuck up already!!!!! You’re a grown ass person. Get your life in order.

I observe lifting videos from Russian or Iranian lifters who are executing lifts with greater strength and speed and there is ZERO drama on their posts. Probably because they don’t know how to write in English. The lift matters. The substance.

Drama Doesn’t Matter

Drama…man do some people like it. Ok, instagram might be a place to vent out some drama but honestly no one cares and you are making yourself look like a fool. This applies to your life. Life can be hard, it can be harsh. In life DRAMA DOESN’T MATTER….only results. You must deliver.

Substance Matters

Substance is the only thing that truly makes a difference. Substance can come in the shape of results, accomplishments, goals achieved, obstacles and barriers that were broken down in order for you to accomplish a goal. Far too often there is too much drama about overcoming your emotions just to get yourself to do something you didn’t want to do. That’s not what we’re talking about. Obstacles are there for you to overcome to get to the next level. They are there in order for you to reach the intended goal you first embarked on.

Only Substance truly matters!

I love Weightlifting but as in life people only care about results. Far too many of us are projecting drama, venting frustrations that no one cares about. Be a person of value that others would respect. Because it’s substance that has depth. Substance only matters.


Josue Cano

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