The choice of winning

mindIn Weightlifting it comes down to a choice. Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to be better? That choice can only be answered by you. There are those who train at the gym and won’t compete and that’s ok. There are those who train and socialize because the gym is a safe place to do that. That’s ok as long as it’s not interrupting others training. Just because you’re socializing doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to interrupt someone else’s performance. Be mindful.

Then there are those who want to win. There are those whose purpose in training is to better themselves in preparation for tomorrow. That tomorrow can be a future competition or maybe even just for them to prepare for life.

Winning is a choice

Winning can only come from you. If you honestly believe that you have a chance then when you make a decision your thoughts and actions combine as one. How you think determines the choices you make. Those choices can either stop you from advancing or can help you win. That’s why it’s so important to constantly be surrounding your mind with a winning mentality.

The choices you make will determine the results you get in life. If you want to be loser then think like a loser and make loser decisions. If you want to win then think like a winner. It’s your choice.

Winning just doesn’t happen only on the platform but it shows up in your life.


Josue Cano

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