How I afford to travel let me show you

Recently I went on a trip to Europe with the purpose of attending and participating at a Techno Music Party in Dusseldorf Germany! For those that don’t know I’m a huge fan of Techno music and constantly attend raves and festivals. I go to Europe about twice a year for Techno and it can be a costly adventure. However, I’m able to enjoy the freedom and adventure of traveling for various reasons which I want to show you how I do it.

Brussels Belgium

Reason #1

I’m not married nor do I want to get married under the court of law. When it comes to divorce courts men are screwed. They have their wages garnished, kids taken from them, homes awarded to the ex-wife. Basically, they are stripped of their dignity and finances. I absolutely will not marry any woman under the supervision of the state. Why the hell does the government need to get involved with my love life? What’s next. The government will have friends sign a friendship commitment so that whoever breaks this bond will have to pay? Divorce is a business that pays lawyers, ex-wives and those that pay are men. Not being married has saved me thousands of dollars that I get to enjoy for myself. Marriage? No thanks.

Reason #2

No kids. I love kids but not right now. I have a nephew that’s good enough for me. Kids cost thousands of dollars to raise and you will be paying for them for decades. Those thousands I have saved for deciding not have kids have paid for my investment property, travels, paid off debts and have paid for wonderful vacation travel destinations.

Reason #3

No debt. I have no debt. No school loans, no car payments, no credit card payments, no car insurance payment, no car loan payment, none other than my mortgage but homes appreciate over time and will end up paying me in the future. You will save thousands and thousands over years by not having debt. STAY OUT OF DEBT!!!!

Reason #4

I HATE SPENDING MONEY!!! I HATE SHOPPING!!! Honestly, I can’t stand losing money. That in turn has allowed me to save so much money that I can put away, save up, invest, and enjoy travel. in an article titled says that only 39% of American’s have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency. Thankfully, I’m in a financial position that allows me to pay emergencies and travel. 2016 I took time off from work to travel and enjoy life with limited work. My savings covered my expenses for that year until I discovered my next full time gig. Limit spending money, put away money for emergencies and enjoy your money when you can.


In closing, not once did I mention I ever mention about having a higher salary or getting paid more. I’m showing you how I limit expenses so that I can afford to travel multiple times a year. It’s not that hard but you just have to take effort and action to limit expenses and save money. Best advice, LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS!!!


Josue Cano

Zurich Switzerland


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