Does the uncertainty of your life scare you?

Are you scared of your future? Do you get anxiety about what’s to come? Does the thought of tomorrow bring fears instead of comfort? In an attempt to draw parallels with life and the platform on the topic of uncertainty I want to demonstrate that the hidden unknown has potential to bring purpose and meaning to our personal chaos. But it only reveals itself by walking through the unknown.

Weightlifting and Uncertainty

Once you step onto the platform you have a limited amount of time to make your lift. 1 minute to be exact. The uncertainty of the outcome is both frightening and amazing. It scares you the thought of not knowing if you’ll make your lift. But if you do make your lift it’s the most blissful and fulfilling emotion you can feel. But you have a limited amount of time to act. Even though you feel insecure, anxious, maybe even doubtful you are able to calm yourself and be coherent enough to lift. When you make the lift…bliss!!!


The Gift of Uncertainty

As I mentioned in my previous post about my trip to Europe (click here) not being fun but much more, I can’t help but to say that the uncertainty of each day of the trip brought with it the fulfillment and purpose of life that I look for. Let me explain, each day I woke up in a new town, in a new bed, with people I have seen for the first and last time. How was I going to navigate through the day to get to my next destination I wasn’t sure. I don’t know how but I’m going to get on it.

The uncertainty of each day brought forth it’s own challenges. Those challenges are meant to be overcome. My only other option was to not do anything and just sit idly by. That was not going to happen. I knew my outcome and acted towards accomplishing that goal.

This trip was a microcosm of the overall big picture of my life. It’s as if my life was shrunk into 10 days to figure it out, condensed to moments, no time to waste on conflicting thoughts and feelings of confusion and fear. The time to take action was now.

“Get bust living, or get busy dying.”

That’s a quote I learned from the movie Shawshank Redemption. Watch it. The difference between this trip versus my overall life is a matter of time. On this trip I knew that I had a limited amount of time which wasn’t a lot. Therefore, crippling powers of fear, doubt and worry were locked up in a prison not allowed to hold me back from my outcome because I knew eventually I had to come home.

And that was the difference. Knowing that my time in Europe was limited propelled me to focus on what really mattered most…the moment. No phone data to check on my social media or texts or emails to respond to. Just now.

Uncertainty a Gift

The uncertainty of life reveals the choices we have. Once you realize the importance of time and the limited time available to you then perhaps what’s most important magnifies and compels you to act courageously.


Josue Cano



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