American Weightlifting: more drama less lifting

ATTN: relax, it’s just Weightlifting!!!

Honestly, I’ve been in this industry for a very long time and I have seen far more than I needed to see throughout these years. While I wish it was only about the lifting it’s not. The American Weightlifting culture is a toxic land of fragile and volatile egos. I’ve learned to separate myself from this toxic culture and focus on my own lifting and share experiences, training tips, and some wisdom from a veteran like myself.

More Drama

I’m not even going to bring up old wounds here but how often have you seen drama surface into weightlifting talks? I mean I think we should be talking about lifts and having conversations about setting records but that’s not the case and I’m tired of it.

More Lifting Please

I get really delighted when I see people lift and give ZERO emotional explanations about their performances. Just lift the damn weight!!!! I don’t want to hear how you felt before that lift. No one cares and I certainly don’t either. I like to watch European and Russian lifters post their lifts because they have great skill and technique and don’t give pathetic emotional explanations. But I’m sure because they don’t know how to write in English they don’t write lame emotional explanations.

Masters lifters and Youth lifters…NO SENIORS!!!

You know why I’d rather talk to youth lifters and Masters lifters? NO EGO!!! Youth lifters are too inexperienced and not corrupted (yet) so they have little to say. Plus, I’m surrounded by them and they just lift. No drama, no bull. Masters lifters have so much more going in their lives than just Weightlifting. They have a level of maturity and experience not seen in Senior lifters. Plus they aren’t on social media putting up daily training vids that no one wants to see. I mean how many times to we have to see the same snatch or clean n jerk?

Senior lifters have egos the size of Saturn and I’m tired of it. I don’t even care what happens at the Senior level in America because someone is going to get butt hurt. And not because of the lifting. I’m sure someone reading this is going to get butt hurt as well. Honestly, I don’t care. Masters and Youth lifters are cool ass people. They are the best people I like to associate myself with in the culture. Masters lifters have money Seniors don’t.

Anyway, I’m out. Where are my Masters and youth lifters? You know I have nothing but love for you guys.


Josue Cano

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