3 Tips for a better lifting meet

To be good in Weightlifting not only do you need to practice but you need to be good at competing. In addition to the skill of lifting weights (snatch, clean and jerk, squat, presses, jerks, etc) but you must be able to know how to compete. You can have an amazing training cycle preparing you … Continue reading 3 Tips for a better lifting meet

Cycling your training to avoid plateaus

It's been awhile since the last article I wrote. I have been traveling a lot and taking time off from writing but nevertheless thank you for reading my articles. The importance of cycling your training cannot be underestimate in order to make continual progress. The reasons for cycling your training are the following: to avoid … Continue reading Cycling your training to avoid plateaus

Does the uncertainty of your life scare you?

Are you scared of your future? Do you get anxiety about what's to come? Does the thought of tomorrow bring fears instead of comfort? In an attempt to draw parallels with life and the platform on the topic of uncertainty I want to demonstrate that the hidden unknown has potential to bring purpose and meaning … Continue reading Does the uncertainty of your life scare you?

My European trip wasn’t fun…

BUT...it didn't suck. Far from it. You're probably thinking it wasn't a great time but you're very, very wrong. So let me explain and please try to look at it from a different perspective. To say that this trip was fun isn't the appropriate word at all to describe the experience. To say my trip … Continue reading My European trip wasn’t fun…

How I afford to travel let me show you

Recently I went on a trip to Europe with the purpose of attending and participating at a Techno Music Party in Dusseldorf Germany! For those that don't know I'm a huge fan of Techno music and constantly attend raves and festivals. I go to Europe about twice a year for Techno and it can be … Continue reading How I afford to travel let me show you

The choice of winning

In Weightlifting it comes down to a choice. Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to be better? That choice can only be answered by you. There are those who train at the gym and won't compete and that's ok. There are those who train and socialize because the gym is a safe … Continue reading The choice of winning

Less Drama More Substance

I scroll my instagram feed for Weightlifting videos. I love the training videos. I look at technique execution, I look at speed, I look at positions, I look at girls and see how attractive they look lifting (I'm a man, I don't apologize for having a sex drive). There's always something to observe while in … Continue reading Less Drama More Substance