How dangerous are steroids?

From my experience this is a topic that very few want to openly talk about in the Weightlifting world due to it's illegal use in sports. Being in the Weightlifting world for a while you come across information that you wonder whether it's true or not. My goal here is to have a NORMAL and … Continue reading How dangerous are steroids?

Stretching: why it’s important and not for strength

Imagine a worst case scenario where you bend over to tie your shoes and it becomes incredibly hard to do so because your muscles and joints are so stiff that you can't bend over. Or imagine a case where you can't fully press a weight overhead because your chest muscles and shoulders are so tight … Continue reading Stretching: why it’s important and not for strength


Training on Fridays at Hassle Free Barbell in San Francisco is like training with extra rocket boosters behind your back. You don't even need pre-workout because the energy is like taking pre-workout! There is a special intensity in the air on Fridays that makes it feel as if someone had turned off gravity. Welcome to … Continue reading Welcome to…HASSLE FREE FRIDAYS!!!

NEW USAW rules take effect immediately

NEW USAW rules take effect immediately Jan. 1st 2017