Optimal training percentages and loads for Weightlifting

In N.P. Laputin and V.G. Oleshko's manual titled Managing the Training of the Weightlifters demonstrates how to organize, manage, distribute your training loads to maximize your performance. It's a scientific journal first of it's kind and still relevant today. What the Soviets have done is taken the guess work out of training in order to … Continue reading Optimal training percentages and loads for Weightlifting

The only thing that matters in life is?

What is it? I don't know and even if I knew I wouldn't tell you. I think it's for you to figure out. But I will say this. If you really want to get a really good idea on what really matters in life do the following: Talk to people who are dying who know … Continue reading The only thing that matters in life is?

Super Sports Performance Supplement

What if you could take a supplement that lowers acidity and muscle fatigue during athletic performance? What if I said that this supplement is ridiculously affordable? That supplement is Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda! BOOM!!!!! Your mind just got blown! Build Up of Acids During physical exertion the by product of muscle metabolism is increased … Continue reading Super Sports Performance Supplement

Hassle Free Barbell…it’s tough here

Since moving to San Francisco I have made my home at Hassle Free Barbell Club lead by Coach Kevin Doherty. Needless to say that Coach Doherty has developed some of the strongest lifters in the USA: D'angelo Osorio, Ian Wilson, David Garcia and more. It's hard to argue with success so there's very little to … Continue reading Hassle Free Barbell…it’s tough here