1 Tip for better Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting requires speed, strength, precision, flexibility, timing to lift a weight then stabilize it overhead. It looks very beautiful and amazing no matter the weight and no matter whether the person lifting the weight is male or female. Despite the obvious of getting stronger there is one other thing you can do to improve … Continue reading 1 Tip for better Weightlifting

Is your Coaching being heard?

Ever wonder why your athletes aren't listening to your advise? Have you ever been coached and you felt overwhelmed because far too much was being said? Have you ever had two people trying to coach you on something you did and were given two different pieces of advise but not sure who to listen to? … Continue reading Is your Coaching being heard?

Want to be USAW certified?

Want to be USAW certified? Take a coaching course. Visit the USAW site upcoming courses near you. http://ow.ly/SV1c307w3Ly