Optimal training percentages and loads for Weightlifting

In N.P. Laputin and V.G. Oleshko's manual titled Managing the Training of the Weightlifters demonstrates how to organize, manage, distribute your training loads to maximize your performance. It's a scientific journal first of it's kind and still relevant today. What the Soviets have done is taken the guess work out of training in order to … Continue reading Optimal training percentages and loads for Weightlifting

Why Strength Matters

Strength matters for several reasons but I want to share with you two types of strength to improve your strength. Those strengths are physical and mental strength. Physical Strength Physical strength matters because it prevents sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the condition where muscle wasting occurs. If you ever seen seniors in convalescent homes or retirement centers … Continue reading Why Strength Matters

CARDIO and Weightlifting

Cardio is not a popular word among Olympic Weightlifters. Thoughts of getting smaller, losing strength are what come to mind. Not to mention that for many people it's an extremely boring mindless thing to do. However, there are tremendous benefits of performing cardio and you don't have to lose your gains and it doesn't have … Continue reading CARDIO and Weightlifting