Stretching: why it’s important and not for strength

Imagine a worst case scenario where you bend over to tie your shoes and it becomes incredibly hard to do so because your muscles and joints are so stiff that you can't bend over. Or imagine a case where you can't fully press a weight overhead because your chest muscles and shoulders are so tight … Continue reading Stretching: why it’s important and not for strength

Training: Basics always work!!!

As technical as Olympic Weightlifting can be we can get caught up with the fine details of lifting. Technique is very important but we can't forget the basics of lifting a bar and then situating ourselves under it. We are talking about the snatch and clean and jerk which are the Olympic lifts contested in … Continue reading Training: Basics always work!!!

Increased Flexibility = Increased Strength (Click Here)

If you're new to Weightlifting or strength training in general you will never fully realize your full strength potential until you increase your range of motion in the joints. Flexibility is important but it's not very useful if it's not supported with strength. Range of motion Let's take a look at the hip angle. The … Continue reading Increased Flexibility = Increased Strength (Click Here)