Less Drama More Substance

I scroll my instagram feed for Weightlifting videos. I love the training videos. I look at technique execution, I look at speed, I look at positions, I look at girls and see how attractive they look lifting (I'm a man, I don't apologize for having a sex drive). There's always something to observe while in … Continue reading Less Drama More Substance

CARDIO and Weightlifting

Cardio is not a popular word among Olympic Weightlifters. Thoughts of getting smaller, losing strength are what come to mind. Not to mention that for many people it's an extremely boring mindless thing to do. However, there are tremendous benefits of performing cardio and you don't have to lose your gains and it doesn't have … Continue reading CARDIO and Weightlifting

Powerful Technique to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Everyday we are exposed the external world and the messages that we receive and interpret. No one is immune as much as we'd like to think. However, there are things that are in our control that we can put into effect in order to counter negative messages that turn into negative thinking. Preparation During my … Continue reading Powerful Technique to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Wanna make people upset? Show them how happy and joyful you are.

Remember when you were a kid and all you knew was to be happy and have fun? Then you became an adult and lost that kid spirit? What happened? Where did we go wrong? Yup. You can be joyful and happy but that will only piss other people off. The sad truth is that your … Continue reading Wanna make people upset? Show them how happy and joyful you are.