CARDIO and Weightlifting

Cardio is not a popular word among Olympic Weightlifters. Thoughts of getting smaller, losing strength are what come to mind. Not to mention that for many people it's an extremely boring mindless thing to do. However, there are tremendous benefits of performing cardio and you don't have to lose your gains and it doesn't have … Continue reading CARDIO and Weightlifting

How to make Weightlifting look easy

"They make it look easy!" "Too easy." "Easy." I'm a big believer that Weightlifitng (snatch clean and jerk) should look easy. I have seen many Weightlifters who make the lifts look hard. Trust me you don't want to struggle with an overhead load. You want to get that down signal from the referee as soon … Continue reading How to make Weightlifting look easy

Training: Basics always work!!!

As technical as Olympic Weightlifting can be we can get caught up with the fine details of lifting. Technique is very important but we can't forget the basics of lifting a bar and then situating ourselves under it. We are talking about the snatch and clean and jerk which are the Olympic lifts contested in … Continue reading Training: Basics always work!!!