The choice of winning

In Weightlifting it comes down to a choice. Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to be better? That choice can only be answered by you. There are those who train at the gym and won't compete and that's ok. There are those who train and socialize because the gym is a safe … Continue reading The choice of winning

Why Having Confidence is Important

How important is confidence? Very It can change your life. I tell that to everyone. Confidence is so important that it can change the course of your life in ways you never imagined. Imagine that you're a guy trying to ask out a girl. The pressure that we feel to approach a woman and ask … Continue reading Why Having Confidence is Important

Super Sports Performance Supplement

What if you could take a supplement that lowers acidity and muscle fatigue during athletic performance? What if I said that this supplement is ridiculously affordable? That supplement is Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda! BOOM!!!!! Your mind just got blown! Build Up of Acids During physical exertion the by product of muscle metabolism is increased … Continue reading Super Sports Performance Supplement

People are more attracted to negativity!

Unfortunately, what you do in life no matter how much of a positive impact you may have there will be a few who won't be to positive on what you say or do. It stems from the way you project yourself to the world and how it's interpreted. You may feel that you could be … Continue reading People are more attracted to negativity!

“The purpose of life” – what does that mean?”

What is the purpose of living anyway? I'm not really sure and not sure how to answer this question. No doubt it's a popular question and as long as I've lived I have never, EVER, heard a clear cut answer that fits my life. But I will say this: What we have at any given … Continue reading “The purpose of life” – what does that mean?”

How dangerous are steroids?

From my experience this is a topic that very few want to openly talk about in the Weightlifting world due to it's illegal use in sports. Being in the Weightlifting world for a while you come across information that you wonder whether it's true or not. My goal here is to have a NORMAL and … Continue reading How dangerous are steroids?

Does your training environment suck?

Maybe it isn't your training environment. Maybe it's YOU!!!! You think that it's the music or it's the people who aren't bringing energy to the gym. But I have to ask: What are YOU bringing? What are you giving? What are you doing at the gym? Who are you helping? It all starts with YOU … Continue reading Does your training environment suck?