No Discomfort = No Growth

Have you ever wondered how do palm trees survive hurricane winds? Hurricane winds can approach speeds of over 100, 120, 140 mph and in the case of hurricane Allen in 1980 wind speeds were recorded at 190mph!!!!! I'm from California so we don't have nearly those kinds of wind speeds. But for those that live … Continue reading No Discomfort = No Growth

You don’t deserve SHIT!!!

That's right! You don't deserve shit! And that's the problem with people today who have this entitled attitude that they deserve whatever they think they deserve. And it's all influenced by several factors such as money, status, seniority whatever. "I have this much money so I deserve this!" "I've been here longer than you so … Continue reading You don’t deserve SHIT!!!

Why Strength Matters

Strength matters for several reasons but I want to share with you two types of strength to improve your strength. Those strengths are physical and mental strength. Physical Strength Physical strength matters because it prevents sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the condition where muscle wasting occurs. If you ever seen seniors in convalescent homes or retirement centers … Continue reading Why Strength Matters

Too much comfort = NO GROWTH

I've been on a routine of waking up first thing in the morning around 5:30am or 6:00am and right out of bed put on my training shoes and do some cardio. No breakfast, no coffee straight to cardio. It's uncomfortable, it's not fun, it WORKS!!! I'm addicted to the outcome. I'm addicted to the energy … Continue reading Too much comfort = NO GROWTH

How to grow when you’re in a plateau

Growth is necessary in order to achieve new goals in life. If we are on a pursuit of improvement which I believe some of us would like to be on then it's important to grow. But if we find ourselves stuck in structured routines it will be very hard to make progress. Why? Because you … Continue reading How to grow when you’re in a plateau

How confident do you think you are?

Maybe a little? Not much? Or you think you are very confident? It really doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. It matters how you think how confident you are based upon several factors: Experience How much training you have Mindset Experience Confidence is built upon a foundation of experience and training. You might think that's … Continue reading How confident do you think you are?

Powerful Technique to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Everyday we are exposed the external world and the messages that we receive and interpret. No one is immune as much as we'd like to think. However, there are things that are in our control that we can put into effect in order to counter negative messages that turn into negative thinking. Preparation During my … Continue reading Powerful Technique to Eliminate Negative Thinking