Does your training environment suck?

Maybe it isn't your training environment. Maybe it's YOU!!!! You think that it's the music or it's the people who aren't bringing energy to the gym. But I have to ask: What are YOU bringing? What are you giving? What are you doing at the gym? Who are you helping? It all starts with YOU … Continue reading Does your training environment suck?


Training on Fridays at Hassle Free Barbell in San Francisco is like training with extra rocket boosters behind your back. You don't even need pre-workout because the energy is like taking pre-workout! There is a special intensity in the air on Fridays that makes it feel as if someone had turned off gravity. Welcome to … Continue reading Welcome to…HASSLE FREE FRIDAYS!!!

Hassle Free Barbell…it’s tough here

Since moving to San Francisco I have made my home at Hassle Free Barbell Club lead by Coach Kevin Doherty. Needless to say that Coach Doherty has developed some of the strongest lifters in the USA: D'angelo Osorio, Ian Wilson, David Garcia and more. It's hard to argue with success so there's very little to … Continue reading Hassle Free Barbell…it’s tough here

Good and not so good training gyms in the Bay Area

Having been up here in a week or so and visiting several training gyms you get an idea of what gyms are putting out really good quality training environments and lifters. Below is how I rank and decided which gyms to go to IF you want to excel in your sport and reach your highest … Continue reading Good and not so good training gyms in the Bay Area