1 Tip for better Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting requires speed, strength, precision, flexibility, timing to lift a weight then stabilize it overhead. It looks very beautiful and amazing no matter the weight and no matter whether the person lifting the weight is male or female. Despite the obvious of getting stronger there is one other thing you can do to improve … Continue reading 1 Tip for better Weightlifting

Super Sports Performance Supplement

What if you could take a supplement that lowers acidity and muscle fatigue during athletic performance? What if I said that this supplement is ridiculously affordable? That supplement is Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda! BOOM!!!!! Your mind just got blown! Build Up of Acids During physical exertion the by product of muscle metabolism is increased … Continue reading Super Sports Performance Supplement

Tips to making gains in Weightlifting that actually work!

We train and put tremendous effort to make the smallest gains possible. There definitely exists certain factors and conditions that will give you the gains you are looking for. Below I want to highlight those conditions so that you continually make gains: Cycle your training program Compete frequently Surround yourself in a competitive environment Cycle … Continue reading Tips to making gains in Weightlifting that actually work!

Pay attention to actions…

Far too much attention is paid to words. However, there is much more communication that is going on that is not being said. The majority of communication is done non-verbal. As much as 93% communication is done non-verbally whereas 7% is done with words. That is a significant amount of communication that is done without … Continue reading Pay attention to actions…

Stretching: why it’s important and not for strength

Imagine a worst case scenario where you bend over to tie your shoes and it becomes incredibly hard to do so because your muscles and joints are so stiff that you can't bend over. Or imagine a case where you can't fully press a weight overhead because your chest muscles and shoulders are so tight … Continue reading Stretching: why it’s important and not for strength

Wanna make people upset? Show them how happy and joyful you are.

Remember when you were a kid and all you knew was to be happy and have fun? Then you became an adult and lost that kid spirit? What happened? Where did we go wrong? Yup. You can be joyful and happy but that will only piss other people off. The sad truth is that your … Continue reading Wanna make people upset? Show them how happy and joyful you are.

The importance of cycling your training

Arguably the most important factor in training is planning of your training. Technique can reach a point where it will give you limited returns. Same with other factors such as mobility, recovery, nutrition. However, planning your training can still give you necessary gains because the variables can be manipulated to improve performance. All factors of … Continue reading The importance of cycling your training