Your 2 most important lifts in a meet

You are training for your next Weightlifting meet and you are getting prepared. You are getting excited or maybe like many lifters you are getting very nervous. Even after competing for 10 years I still get nervous before competitions. That just never goes away but when the experience takes over you are able to channel … Continue reading Your 2 most important lifts in a meet

Powerful Technique to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Everyday we are exposed the external world and the messages that we receive and interpret. No one is immune as much as we'd like to think. However, there are things that are in our control that we can put into effect in order to counter negative messages that turn into negative thinking. Preparation During my … Continue reading Powerful Technique to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Why Having Confidence is Important

How important is confidence? Very It can change your life. I tell that to everyone. Confidence is so important that it can change the course of your life in ways you never imagined. Imagine that you're a guy trying to ask out a girl. The pressure that we feel to approach a woman and ask … Continue reading Why Having Confidence is Important