Your 2 most important lifts in a meet

You are training for your next Weightlifting meet and you are getting prepared. You are getting excited or maybe like many lifters you are getting very nervous. Even after competing for 10 years I still get nervous before competitions. That just never goes away but when the experience takes over you are able to channel … Continue reading Your 2 most important lifts in a meet

Training: Basics always work!!!

As technical as Olympic Weightlifting can be we can get caught up with the fine details of lifting. Technique is very important but we can't forget the basics of lifting a bar and then situating ourselves under it. We are talking about the snatch and clean and jerk which are the Olympic lifts contested in … Continue reading Training: Basics always work!!!

Want to be USAW certified?

Want to be USAW certified? Take a coaching course. Visit the USAW site upcoming courses near you.

Training: Motor Pattern Development

The snatch and clean and jerk are such technically demanding lifts that it requires enormous amount of effort and time to develop the skill to execute the lift as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, the motor pattern development you will develop will ensure that snatches, cleans and jerks will be executed with minimal injury … Continue reading Training: Motor Pattern Development

NEW IWF rules just released!!!

The rule changes to the IWF Weightlifting competition rules below are the following: New women's 90kg and + 90kg bodyweight classes 75kg and + 75kg women's bodyweight classes at Youth Competitions Removal of the bodyweight advantage rule 20kg/20kg rule What do these rules mean? If two lifters have the same total the lightest lifter does … Continue reading NEW IWF rules just released!!!