Cycling your training to avoid plateaus

It's been awhile since the last article I wrote. I have been traveling a lot and taking time off from writing but nevertheless thank you for reading my articles. The importance of cycling your training cannot be underestimate in order to make continual progress. The reasons for cycling your training are the following: to avoid … Continue reading Cycling your training to avoid plateaus

Less Drama More Substance

I scroll my instagram feed for Weightlifting videos. I love the training videos. I look at technique execution, I look at speed, I look at positions, I look at girls and see how attractive they look lifting (I'm a man, I don't apologize for having a sex drive). There's always something to observe while in … Continue reading Less Drama More Substance

Why Strength Matters

Strength matters for several reasons but I want to share with you two types of strength to improve your strength. Those strengths are physical and mental strength. Physical Strength Physical strength matters because it prevents sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the condition where muscle wasting occurs. If you ever seen seniors in convalescent homes or retirement centers … Continue reading Why Strength Matters

How you get to the Next Level in your training

You get to the gym. You're ready. You want to lift some weights. You want to lift heavy. At least that is what you are thinking. Does that happen? Will it happen? All that will depend upon what you do during training. If you are like a lot of people training can be a very … Continue reading How you get to the Next Level in your training

People are more attracted to negativity!

Unfortunately, what you do in life no matter how much of a positive impact you may have there will be a few who won't be to positive on what you say or do. It stems from the way you project yourself to the world and how it's interpreted. You may feel that you could be … Continue reading People are more attracted to negativity!

Life Lessons learned on the platform

The lessons learned on the platform extend far beyond training or competition. They are part of our life. I've been lifting for 10 years now and to this day I still enjoy it very much. However, there are life long lessons learned on the platform that have extended into my personal life. Below are a … Continue reading Life Lessons learned on the platform


Training on Fridays at Hassle Free Barbell in San Francisco is like training with extra rocket boosters behind your back. You don't even need pre-workout because the energy is like taking pre-workout! There is a special intensity in the air on Fridays that makes it feel as if someone had turned off gravity. Welcome to … Continue reading Welcome to…HASSLE FREE FRIDAYS!!!